Aerogarden Peppers

Have you ever wondered if you can grow peppers indoors? Well, the answer is yes, but how exactly do you do it? In this article, I will be covering all about growing peppers indoors with your aerogarden. The most important things to take into consideration are the amount of space that the peppers require and how to take the best care for them that will end in the best possible results.

You can find my favorite AeroGarden Peppers HERE.

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Aerogarden Lettuce: Planting, Care, Harvest and Tips

At almost every meal we eat some meat, a side dish, and some salad. The only problem with that is that it will not grow in the winter, so you will have to either buy it from the supermarket or grown your own at home, somewhere inside. Since you are reading this article, I can assume that you are wanting to plant your own salad indoors. Here are some of the things to take into consideration if you want to do that.

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How to reuse AeroGarden seed pods

How to reuse AeroGarden seed pods?

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about the biggest cost that comes with growing plants indoors in your aerogarden. Yes the seed pods. The pods are usually made of plastic grow baskets and grow domes, grow sponges that are made of Peat Moss and labels, which are made from paper. Whenever you decide to plant new plants on your AeroGarden you have to buy new a seed pod kit, or ? Wrong.

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