Do pyramid heaters work and are they any good or even better?

If you are looking for a way to keep your outdoor company comfortable even on colder days, you have most definitely came across one of the newer trends of patio heating – pyramid heaters. But do they even work or are they just good for decoration?

Not only do pyramid heaters work, but they are one of the best patio heaters that you can get for your garden. They are designed not only to look good but also for safety because the wider bottom part prevents them from tipping over. The size of the flame inside them also gives out much more heat than at the conventional heaters.

There are two different kinds of pyramid heaters. The first one is more common – the gas-fueled type and the second one is electrical pyramid heaters. If you are looking for a pyramid heater with a nice spiral flame, then you should go for the gas-powered one, which is also a go-to choice if you are having problems with storing your patio heater because gas heaters are waterproof but the electrical ones are not. We would still highly recommend that you cover them when they are not in use to prevent any dust and or insects coming inside, which may cause problems.

Are pyramid patio heaters any good?

Pyramid patio heaters are one of the best solutions for outdoor heating on the market today. They produce a lot of heat and are without a doubt the best-looking heating solution that you can get. Another great thing about pyramid heaters is that the long vertical flame inside also works as a light which creates a great romantic ambient. Another great feature of gas-fueled patio heaters is that compared to fire pits that use wood they are smokeless. While open fire might look good and give out even more heat, smoke is definitely a deal breaker for a lot of people.

Are pyramid patio heaters better than regular patio heaters?

While they are both designed to solve the same problem, pyramid heaters do it better. Here is why:

  1. Because of the structure, the pyramid-shaped patio heaters are much less likely to tip over than regular patio heaters. This is because of their pyramid shape.
  2. Aesthetically, the pyramid-shaped heaters are much more pleasing compared to the traditional ones. Also, the spiral flame in the glass tube inside is a great design feature that conventional heaters do not own.
  3. Pyramid heaters are much more pleasing to look at and because they also serve as dim light, they create more ambiance.

Are they safe?

Using a pyramid outdoor heater is one of the safest options for outdoor heating, but you should still follow a few safety tips because there is fire involved. Remember that safety should always come first no matter what and if at any point using a pyramid heater feels unsafe you should not use it.

Safety tips for using an outdoor pyramid heater

1. Find a spot that is leveled. Even though pyramid heaters are unlikely to tip over because of their structure, finding a leveled spot to place them is still a must. It is highly recommended that you use a spirit level when deciding where to place it. If you do not own one, you can also just download a spirit-level app for your phone, which should work as well.

2. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby for maximum safety. Although it is highly unlikely for anything to catch fire from your pyramid outdoor heater, it is still a good idea to have a fire extinguisher ready, which can also be used if anything else goes wrong like a bonfire getting out of hand, etc.

3. Check the gas pipe for leaks. Whenever you turn your outdoor gas heater on, you have to turn on the gas first. It is at that point when it is best to check for leaks. This will make the use much safer and it does not take up much additional time since you are already looking at the gas regulator. We also recommend that you check for leaks whenever you are changing the gas tank and that you also change the ring rubber gas seal ring whenever you do so.

4. Make sure there is enough space around the heater. This is not just for safety but also for practicality. People will probably feel cold and will want to stand around the heater therefore it is always better to have free space around it.

5. Keep the kids away. Although it has been said many times that outdoor gas heaters are safe, it is still a very good idea to keep the kids away from them.

6. Keep the metal doors for the gas tank closed. This should be obvious, but just to reassure, check that the door is closed so nothing can get in.

How do pyramid heaters work?

Pyramid heaters are usually gas-fueled, which means that they run on gas. You will need a gas tank to use them. Once you have your gas tank you have to insert it inside the bottom of the heater, which is closed with a metal door. Open the door first, then connect the gas pipe with a regulator on the end of your gas tank and open the regulator. Once you did that you can put the gas tank inside and focus on another nob that is located at the top of the space that you have opened. You have to set it to your desired setting and then just push the ignite button. Do not forget to close the metal door once you are done doing this.

Wrapping up

Pyramid heaters work just as well or maybe even better than conventional mushroom-shaped gas heaters. Because of their design, they are much less likely to tip over and are also aesthetically more pleasing because of the glass tube in the middle, which contains a spiral flame. Although they are safe, you should still follow some safety tips that have been listed in this article. Even though they create ambiance, it is much more important that the people warming themselves around the heater make you feel warm at heart. We wish you a lot of beautiful outdoor memories in the colder months.


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