Is AeroGarden Dishwasher safe?

NO! AeroGarden is not Dishwasher safe. If you try cleaning it that way, the dishwasher will damage the plastic parts and that will ruin your gardening system. Another reason why you should never consider washing it this way is that the inside will not be properly washed neither sanitized, which it has to be before any new planting.

When you are cleaning your AeroGarden you should keep in mind that you also have to sanitize it to prevent any bacteria from spreading. If you fail to do so, you might end up with no success at your next planting. The best way to sanitize your system is either with chlorine bleach or with white vinegar. To be honest, I would pick white vinegar over chlorine bleach every single day.

Do not worry about the whole process. It is really easy but it will take you some time. Not that much time when it comes to cleaning but time for the system to dry out. Cleaning and sanitizing your AeroGarden the right way will also clean your pump. It is a fact that the pump also needs attention when it comes to cleaning.

The correct method for cleaning and sanitizing your AeroGarden

I will teach you how to easily clean AND sanitize your aerogarden in just 6 easy to do steps. It is highly recommended that you do that after every planting to prevent root pathogens and spreading of bacteria inside your bowl, which will eventually reach the roots of your plants and make them rot.

What you will need:


-Chlorine bleach or white vinegar (either is fine and the choice is up to you)

-Paper towels

So if you have everything prepared, let’s start.

STEP 1: Empty your AG bowl

You do not want any plants inside while you are cleaning it. Make sure to clean it after you have thrown the old seed pods away and there are none installed. Also pour out the old water. All of it!

STEP 2: Get your sanitizer ready and fill the bowl with it

Now this is the step where you will either be using chlorine bleach or white vinegar.

If you are using chlorine bleach, you should mix one quarter of it with water, but for those of you that will go with white distilled vinegar, the right amount is about 5 cups. White vinegar is also a liquid that has to be mixed with water before you clean your aerogarden.

Now pour your sanitizer inside the bowl

STEP 3: Turn on your pump and let the magic happen

The pump should run for about 5 minutes before you empty the bowl.

STEP 4: Pour the sanitizer out of your bowl

 Make sure to get all the sanitizer out without leaving any water inside

STEP 5: Fill your bowl with clear water

After your system has been sanitized, it is now time to clean any possible remainings of your sanitizer from your bowl.

STEP 6: Turn on your pump once again

Just like at the third step, the pump should be turned on for about five minutes.

Clear water will not only clear any possible remains of your sanitizer, but will also clean the inside of your pump. This step is REALLY important if you have sanitized your system using chlorine bleach.

STEP 7: Empty the bowl again

The water that is now in the bowl will probably have some sanitizer still in it. You should pour it all out. This is really important for the last step.

STEP 8: Dry your system

For the last stem of your cleaning you should just let the system dry out. This should take a maximum of 2 days. It will get dry faster if it is summer time and you have your system somewhere outside on the sun.


Your AeroGarden is in no way dishwasher safe. If you put it inside a dishwasher you will ruin it because of the high temperature of dishwasher water. Cleaning it that way will also not sanitize it. If your system is not sanitized, then you are risking the spreading of root pathogens. The right way to clean your AeroGarden is with either one quarter of a cup of chlorine bleach mixed with water or distilled white vinegar also mixed with water. Instead of putting your AG into a dishwasher you should just pour the sanitizer inside and let the pump do all the work. After that pour the sanitizer out and pour in just clear water. At the end just pour all the water out and let your system dry out. (24-48 hours).

I hope that I prevented you from doing the wrong thing today. Let me know what you think about this article in the comments. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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