How long do AeroGarden pods last?

You can expect your aerogarden seed pods to last for about 6 months. Keep in mind that a big factor in your plants life expectancy is how you care for it. There have been people saying that their pods lasted even more than one year.

The life expectancy for your plants may also differ dependant on what you are planting. The longest lasting pods are usually vegetables followed by flowers and on the last place you can find salad greens and herbs.

When you are planting something as tomatoes, you can expect a longer life span, but keep in mind that they will take a longer time to get ready for harvesting. About 8 to 10 weeks is the average time it takes for tomatoes to be ready.

If you are planting some sort of salad greens, the period from planting to your first harvest is much shorter. About 3 weeks is the number reported by many reviews online.

Herb kits are going to last about the same amount of time as salad greens but will take about a week longer to be ready, which is still a lot shorter that the time it takes for you to harvest your first AeroGarden tomato.

The same timeline as we see at herbs will appear when you are planting flowers. The only difference is that herbs will be ready for harvest about 4 months and flowers will bloom for that long. Anyway why would you want to harvest your flowers? Maybe for a bouquet? The choice is yours.

How long does Aerogarden herb kit last?

The official site is saying that it should last you up to 4 months, but there have been reports online stating that people have been harvesting them for over 6 months. If you add the period in which the herbs are not yet ready to harvest, they got about 7 months (and counting)

How long do AeroGarden vegetables last?

While it is stated by the AeroGrow company that you can expect them to last up to 6 months, I have had a different experience. I was really surprised when I was able to harvest my tomatoes for almost a whole year. If you add the period in which the tomatoes are not yet ready to be harvested, the plant lasted 371 days in total.

How long do AeroGarden flowers last?

Again the time stated by the producer is not really correct. I guess they are trying to promise less and deliver more to their customers, which I think is a good idea. The longest I have seen flowers blooming in an AeroGarden was about 7 months. And if you add another month for them to start blooming you get 8 months total.

Please note that I do have a lot of experience in this field and did constantly provide care for my plants. If you fail to do so, your plants might not even live to see their first harvest. Care for your plants! Trust me it is worth it in every way.

What to do when your plants die?

Well the first thing to do is to take the pods out. Please be kind and recycle. The plant itself with the grow sponge is totally organic and can be composted, while the grow dome and the grow basket are not. Since your plant is going to be thrown away anyway you can remove the grow baskets and reuse them. This way you will save some money and it will also give you the ability to grow just anything you want. Even the plants that you can not buy in seed pods.

Final step would be cleaning. I can not stress this enough. After every last harvest you should clean and sanitize your AeroGarden to prevent the spreading of root pathogens. I did receive a question once. “Why did my plants rot despite all the care I gave them?” Root pathogens is the reason why. Always clean your system!



Seed pods last about 6 months. Keep in mind that veggies have the longest expected life span. The next on the line are flowers, followed by salad greens and herbs on the last place. You can extend the life span of your plant with the right care. When your plants die make sure to recycle the waste or even better-reuse the plastic parts to reduce your costs of your next planting. After every last harvest make sure to clean your system to prevent any bacteria and the spreading of root pathogens.


Thank you for reading. I hope that you have learned something new today. How long did your seed pods last? Please let me know in the comments and have a nice day!



3 thoughts on “How long do AeroGarden pods last?

  1. Germaine Hatcher says:

    I was very pleased with my gourmet herbs except for one. My Thyme never grew. This was the pod without dome. However, once received cover, it still did not grow. The only herb still sprouting is parsley. Is it possible that I was too harsh in my harvesting? Meaning I cut too far back.

  2. Sylvia Greene says:

    I planted my lettuce 4 months ago and need to plant new seeds already. Do I have to start over or can I just replace empty pods?

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