When and how to clean and sanitize your AeroGarden

When I first started growing herbs on my aerogarden, things were not quite as clean as I have planned before. Since you are reading this, I am sure that you are facing the same problem and have the same question that I had in my first months or gardening indoors. When and how do I clean my aerogarden?

When to clean your AeroGarden?

The instructions say that you should clean and sanitize your aerogarden after before planting, or even better-after every last harvest when you decide to throw the pods out.

You can also wash your aerogarden in between on a weekly basis. If the top part of your aerogarden gets dirty, feel free to wipe it with soaked tissues. Be really careful to not damage any plants while you are doing this. I would never use any kind of chemical cleaners because they can damage or even destroy your plants totally. Try using just water.

Sanitizing your aerogarden should only take place when there are no seed pods inside. Sanitizing your system will reduce the risk of root pathogens that can destroy your crops and later ruin your harvest.

There are two different ways of sanitizing, one that includes chlorine bleach and the other that includes distilled white vinegar instead of chlorine bleach.

You can find Chlorine Bleach HERE.

The procedure includes 7 steps.

STEP 1: Make sure that your aerogarden is empty

Again, you do NOT want to sanitize your system while there are still plants growing inside. The bleach will ruin them.

STEP 2: Fill the bowl up with your sanitizer

For those of you that are using chlorine bleach, mix one-quarter of a cup with water that you will later pour into the bowl. You can also fill the bowl with water first and add chlorine blech later.

For those of you that have decided to go with distilled white vinegar instead of chlorine bleach, you should add 5 cups of it inside your bowl and also mix it with water.

STEP 3: Turn on the pump

After your bowl is filled with your sanitizer, you should turn on your aerator or pump. Leave it on for about 5 minutes and your aerogarden should be sanitized!

 STEP 4: Empty the bowl

After the pump has run for 5 minutes, you should empty the bowl and rinse it well! After that, you are going to fill the bowl up again, but this time use only clear water without any sanitizers.

STEP 5: Repeat the third step

Once you have the bowl filled with only clear water, you should turn the pump or aerator on for another 5 minutes. This step is important because it will clear out your sanitizer from the inside of the pump.

STEP:6 Empty the bowl once again

After the pump was running for another 5 minutes it is time to empty the bowl and rinse it well once again, just like in step 4, so you can ensure that all bleach or distilled white vinegar is finally rinsed from the bowl.

STEP 7: Drying out the system

Let your bowl rest for about 2 days before adding fresh water so that it can dry up completely. 


If you have followed all the steps, your aerogarden should be clean and sanitized by now. Always make sure to clean and sanitize your system before planting new seed pods. Failing to do so will result in the spreading of bacteria and increased risk of root pathogens. Indoor gardening is not as different from planting your seeds outdoors. If you will not take care of the plant’s environment, then you will have to suffer consequences. Take care of your plants, give them a healthy environment to grow in and I assure you- they will pay you back when it will be time to harvest them.

Thank you for reading and please give me some feedback in the comments below.



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