How to install AeroGarden pods

If you already bought your first aerogarden and have successfully assembled it, then congratulations. You are now officially on the way to grow your first very own aerogarden plants from the pods. When it comes to installing the pods, the procedure is very easy and should not take more than a couple of minutes, but since this is your first time planting I totally get that you don’t want to mess anything up.. after all your aerogarden probably costed a lot more than just a couple of dollars.

To sum it up for all of you that do not want to read the whole article, here all the steps in the correct order:

  • STEP 1: Add water to your aerogarden (If you already did that, feel free to skip that step and move to the second one)
  • STEP 2: Open the seed pod box
  • STEP 3: Install the pods
  • STEP 4: Add nutrients to the seed pods
  • STEP 5: Enjoy your first aerogarden harvest!

Are you ready? Here we go!

There are 5 steps that you should follow, each of them should take no more than a minute. Well unless you have a bigger aerogarden – aerogarden farm and you bought enough seed pods to fill the whole thing.

STEP 1: Adding water to your aerogarden (If you already did that, feel free to skip that step and move to the second one)

I always tell people to add the water first. Before you do that make sure to check how much water your system needs, because a small one will definitely not require as much as the biggest models on the market. If you add water before applying pods you can avoid spilling them. The first time you are doing this, the system will require the biggest amount. After all  it was completely empty when you bought it and after you start using it, it will automatically inform you when to add water. There is usually a cap on the corner of your pods area. Open it, pour water inside and close it afterwards-Piece of cake! Make sure to check the screen frequently to see when it requires more water and other supliments such as liquid nutrients. Oh yea did I mention that it will inform you when it needs more water? That is just one of the several features that makes it so easy to grow pods in there. After you are done make sure to press the “quick start” or “start” button

STEP 2: Opening the seed pod box

If you are reading this, you probably already have a seed pod kit in front of you. Once you open it there should be a few things included. First and most important the seed pods themselves, little domes that act like green houses for the pods, and last the liquid nutrients-depends on the type of seed pods you bought. little domes here which are going to act like greenhouses.

There should also be a measuring cup that seems to be four your liquid nutrients which are going to help your plants get real big and strong.

There is an exception for all of you that either reused the seed pods or have decided to make them yourselves. In that case, you will not have all the additional stuff, but will have to buy it or re-use it from the original pods. The users that reuse or make their own seed pod kits are usually more advanced and therefore will not be reading this basic instructions.

STEP 3: Installing the pods

So it seems like you have everything in the box here so let’s get started. Now you have to  take these seeds and you are just going to put them in the seed pod slots on the aerogarden and just give them a little press. That is when they should snap in and you should be able to actually hear them snap in, which is really helpful and should prevent you from using too much force while completing this step.

 It’s really easy to do it. And then you are going to put your domes on top and you just easily just put them over the seed pods and these should snap in too. You are gonna want to keep these domes on until they sprout. Once you have everything  set, it is time to move to the last step of the process 

STEP 4: Adding nutrients to the seed pods

In the last step is you are going to add your nutrients to your seeds. Make sure to use the amount that you need for your seeds to prevent them from going bad. The really fantastic thing about the AeroGarden is, that it tells you every two weeks to add water and to feed it to prevent you from forgetting about your plants.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

And congratulations! You have just installed your first batch to your aerogarden. Now all you have to do is wait and come back in a few weeks to see how great this herb garden is. I am sure that you can’t wait.

STEP 5: Enjoy your first aerogarden harvest!

Whatever you have planted it should be ready to harvest a few weeks after completing the last step.  If you ask any gourmet, they will always tell you that there is no better thing to have while cooking than fresh ingredients. The food you buy in the supermarket is usually harvested when it is only half-ripe. They do it because the half-ripe food still ripens while being on the way to your local store, while a ripe harvested fruit/vegetable would not survive the transport without going bad.

When your pods are used, you can always reuse them or replace them with new ones. While reusing them may be cheaper, buying new ones will definitely be easier for you to do.

Last but not least, always clean your aerogarden after each harvest! You can check our guide on how to do it HERE.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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