When to remove AeroGarden seed pod Dome

Hello fellow aero-gardeners!

Today I will be answering all your questions about seed pod domes, that I have received recently.  What are the domes made of? When would be the perfect time to take them off of my seed pod? Can I reuse the seed pod domes? Where can I buy just the domes?

Well, I did some research to answer all your questions. It took me some time, but hopefully, this post will answer all of your questions that you have.

When to remove aerogarden seed pod dome?

You should remove the dome, once your plant is about halfway from the aerogarden paper to the top of the dome itself. The dome alone does not play an important role in the whole process.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to make sure you take your dome off before the plant gets too big because if you get a little bit of moisture in these domes, which a lot of times you do, the plant will grow up and it’ll touch the moisture element

If this happens  you’ll actually end up with mildew on your plant


How to take the dome off?

You just have to squeeze it from the sides. Use only two fingers and as little force as you can, because you do not want to damage the seed pod or the dome itself, which can be reused in your next planting process.  If your dome got wet or a little dirty you can clean it with some water and paper towels.


What are domes made of?

The domes that you will get included with your seed pod kit are made out of thin plastic.


What are aerogarden domes good for?

Aerogarden domes, or grow domes will create a mini greenhouse, that will help you control the temperature and humidity to optimal levels that will be the best for germination. They can also be used when you are planting seeds in a container filled with soil, but in that case, I would recommend using something bigger instead. For example-see through cups.

Can I reuse the seed pod domes?

Yes, yes you can. Actually I have written a full tutorial with step by step process on how to make your own seed pods. You just make new seed pods and reuse the domes on them. So make sure to keep them somewhere safe instead of throwing them away.

Where can I buy just the domes for my seed pods?

You can get just the domes on Amazon. They will cost you less than 50 cents apiece, but you can mostly get them in bigger packs (50-pack or something like that). Don’t worry, if you are using your growing new stuff often with homemade DIY seed pods, then you will probably eventually use all of them.



The domes are made out of thin plastic and you should remove them when your plant is about halfway from the paper plate to the top of the dome. You do that by gently squeezing it from the sides using only two fingers. They are good for controlling the temperature and humidity to reach the perfect levels. If you want you can also use small see-through cups instead of the domes. Keep the domes safe, in case you might want to reuse them on your next seed pods. You can get the domes on Amazon and they are not so expensive.


Thank you for reading this post. If you liked it, please let me know in the comments. Any kind of feedback is welcome. By the way… did you ever replace the original domes with anything? Please tell us with what and how it worked out for you.

4 thoughts on “When to remove AeroGarden seed pod Dome

  1. Rebecca says:

    After a search for substitutes for the original domes I have found my answer. Small plastic cups are a great idea. I also appreciate knowing the function of the domes now and the risk of mildew. Thanks for posting!

  2. Suzie Weber says:

    Just got this for the holidays. At what point do I take off the little cardboard pod protector (it has the name of the plant/size/ on it)? Thanks!

  3. Helene says:

    Thank you for the good info! What about the paper seed tag? Should that be removed to make more room for the seedlings? Thanks!

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