How to Grow Flowers with AeroGarden


Make your home full of life and beautiful with growing flowers in your Aerogarden all year long. In this article, I am going to tell you all about growing flowers indoors with your Aerogarden. We will learn all about the benefits of growing them indoors, how to care for them, which ones I would suggest the most, where to buy them, how long they live and how to transplant them into the soil.

Can you grow flowers indoors with Aerogarden?

Yes. Like many other plants, you can also grow flowers. If you want some nice colors to brighten your home I would definitely suggest that you try growing flowers indoors. If your Aerogarden is full, then you can also try growing plants in pots with soil, just be careful when you are watering them. If you give them too much water they can die and also the dirt can make a lot of mess.

What kind of flowers can you grow in aerogarden?

The biggest problem with growing anything in your smart garden is that you have limitations regarding the grow space. I would suggest that you go with smaller flowers, however, you can also grow bigger ones, just make sure that you replant them into flower pots soon enough.

Here are some examples of flowers that I think will brighten the inside of your house.

  1. Pansies

Pansies are not really big so you should have no problem growing them even in the smaller models like Aerogarden Herbie. They also come in a big variety of different colors, meaning that you can match the color of the flowers with the color of the room that you grow them in. The only problem with pansies is that you can not buy them in pods. You will have to get seeds or seedlings and make your own seed pods. But don’t worry, we wrote an article on how to do that. You can read it here.

  1. Wildflowers

Anything that will grow in soil should also grow in your Aerogarden if it has enough space. If you like a certain flower that you see outside, you can just replant it into flower pots, but make sure to check what kind of care that special flower needs. The big plus regarding wildflowers is that they do not require much care, or in some cases, none at all since your smart garden will provide them with the light and water that they need.

  1. Mountain meadows

Mountain meadows are one of the flowers that will improve your air the most. Do you know how they say that the air in the mountains is the best? Well, it is because of the mountain meadows and also because there are no roads, factories, etc. The good thing about growing mountain meadows indoors is that you can buy them in a seed pod kit, meaning that you just install the seed pods and wait for the magic to happen through time.

  1. Petunias

One of the most popular plants used for outside house décor. You can grow them inside in your smart garden through the winter and later transplant them outside. They will give your place a lot of positive energy. Just like mountain meadows, you can buy petunias already installed in seed pods. This means that you should have little to no worries about this plant regarding planting them. Just put the pods in your smart garden and you are ready to go. Oh and do not forget about the water and liquid nutrients.

  1. Rainbow fire celosia

This is yet again a flower that you can buy pre-installed in seed pods. If you go with rainbow fire celosia, keep in mind that they can grow very tall and will most likely require to be replanted into flower pots later on. Another con is that they are odorless. If you want to plant flowers because of their nice scent, then I would recommend that you go with a different flower.

How to care for Aerogarden flowers?

The good thing about growing plants in your smart garden is that the system will do most of the work for you. Just make sure not to run out of water or nutrients that are vital for the growth of your plants.

The most important thing that you will want to do is to check your flowers daily and look for any rotten parts (either leaves or the flowers themselves). If you find any at all you should remove them as soon as possible. If you do not remove them, you risk the chances of the bacteria or parasite spreading onto your other, healthy plants.

How to replant AeroGarden flowers?

When your flowers outgrow your Aerogarden, it is time to replant them either in flower pots or outdoors. If you are planning to plant them outdoors, make sure that there is no risk of frost anymore. I personally would suggest that you wait for a bit of warmer temperatures. Keep in mind that flowers are very delicate and will not survive in the cold.

You will need some scissors or gardening shears, flower pots (preferably the ones with holes on the bottom) and some soil. I always recommend that you use pre fertilized soil. There is also a lot of pre fertilized soil just for flowers available on the market.

Once you have decided to replant your flowers just simply take the whole plants out with the grow basket still intact. Keep in mind that you have to be very careful because flowers are very delicate. They bruise easily and that is why you have to try using as little force as possible. Try lifting them up by pulling the grow basket out.

When you have your flowers out of your smart harden, use your scissors or gardening shears to cut the grow basket. Be very careful not to cut yourself or not to damage any roots.

Take your flower pots and fill them up with soil about halfway. Then insert the flowers and fill the remaining space with soil but make sure to leave about half an inch of space on the bottom. This will prevent you from making a mess when you will water them.

Keep in mind to water your flowers regularly. The best place to grow flowers indoors is on a window shelf. This way the flowers will get enough sunlight for their growth.

If you are planning to transplant your flowers outside, you should not be doing it before the outside temperatures are warm. Frost and/or cold will definitely kill your beautiful flowers.

How long will Aerogarden flowers live?

With the right care, you can expect your flowers to bloom for up to 7 months. For some kinds of flowers, it may be even more. It will take your flower seed pods from 2 to 4 weeks to start blooming.

If you are making your own flower seed pods, do not forget about nutrients. I would recommend that you buy liquid nutrients online and ad them when your Aerogarden tells you to.


After every final harvest or replanting, you should clean your aerogarden with chlorine bleach or white vinegar. This is really important. If you do not clean your system, you risk root pathogens and other bacteria, which will result in dead or rotten plants. Not to mention having a lot of insects on your plants at home. If you do not know how to clean your Aerogarden, you can read all about it here.

Benefits of growing flowers indoors

Growing any kind of plants indoors will have great benefits on the health and quality of your life. The biggest benefit for me is that plants improve air quality in your home. This is an important factor for all of you that live in big cities, where the air quality is significantly lower than it is in smaller villages.

All plants, especially flowers will increase humidity in your apartment. As you might know, humidity can store a big amount of energy. There is no doubt that you should feel better with all the extra energy. If you humidify your room with plants instead of electric humidifiers you will also save a bunch of money and will as a bonus you will enlighten the room with a nice smell of fresh plants.


You can grow flowers in your Aerogarden. In fact, there are so many benefits regarding it, that I highly recommend that you plant some flowers indoors. If your smart gardening system is full, you can also plant them in small pots but make sure to leave them on a place that is in the sunlight reach, like a window shelf. You can later on transplant your flowers either to a pot or outside but not before the temperatures are high enough.

A few flowers will cost as little as nothing but will brighten up your home in a very positive way. If you plant them inside, show them the care that they need and deserve. Make sure to clean your system before and/or after every last harvest or every transplanting. And be very careful if you are going to cut the grow baskets using your scissors or gardening shears.  Thank you for reading and I hope that the flowers will soon start blooming in your home.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please feel free to drop a comment down below. Have a nice day!


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