Can You use your Bistro Set Indoors?


Yes. You can use your bistro set indoors as well if fact many people do it because it is a great way to save some space, so if you live in a small apartment, using a bistro set indoors is the right choice for you. But there are some things that you should watch out for.

Because bistro sets are usually meant for outdoor use, they are not really friendly for the floor that you have indoor. This goes especially if you have a metal bistro set and want to use it on a parquet or laminate floor. If you do not protect the legs of your chairs and table, then you might have a big problem. The metal legs will scratch your floor, maybe even beyond the point of repair so be careful and make sure to protect the legs first.

How to make your bistro set ready for indoor use?

Like I have said before, you will have to buy either chair/table leg covers or leg pads. This way you will protect the floor that you have indoors. The worst thing that you can do to a parquet or laminate floor is putting any chairs on that are not wearing any protection. Sometimes even wooden chairs can make damage to it, if they don’t have any pads on them.

I would really suggest that you get a set of leg pads for your bistro set and put 1 pad on every leg. If your chair legs are too thin then I would go with chair leg covers, but usually, leg pads are a better solution, because they are not visible and do not make your chairs ugly.

While it is true that most of the bistro sets will have plastic caps on the bottom, you still want to protect them. If the legs already have the pads on them then you are ready to go, but if they don’t then you should definitely buy them before you start using the set indoors. While I do think that pads are much better, they are sometimes not the right option. This goes especially for those of you that have chair and table legs on your bistro set rounded. In this case, you should go get rubber or silicone covers.

What to be careful about?

Well, the first thing to be careful about is going to come up when you are buying protection for the chair and table legs. Like you may already know, the leg pad or cover should be of the right size to fit. If it is too big, then it will fall off, but if it is too small then it might not cover the whole bottom of the leg and you will still end up with damaged floor.

The other thing to be careful about is, in my opinion, the bistro set itself. If you have just bought a new one and want to use it indoors then that is completely fine, but if you have had it outside for some time, or you are moving it in and out depending on the season then you should definitely make sure that it is clean first. Don’t worry. There are a lot of bistro set cleaning and renewing tutorials on this site. Just type the name of the material that your bistro set is made from into the search box on the top and you will get all the information that you need.

What material bistro sets can be used indoors?

All of them. If you want to use your bistro set indoors instead of outdoors then you can totally do that but remember that the legs of your chairs and table have to be protected so that you don’t end up with any damage. The most popular bistro sets for indoors are definitely metal. This means that you should be even more careful when it comes to protecting the legs.

I have all my furniture at home protected with leg pads. This way the floor stays undamaged even if you decide to change out your furniture or its position later on. Sometimes the pads can fall off because they have been used for too long or for any other reason. This is why I always keep a set of spare pads of all the sizes in my house.

What if I bought or already have leg pads but they are too big?

Well, too big is better than too small in this case. You can just try them on your chair/table legs without removing the paper from the sticky side yet. Then you just take a pencil and draw the line around to get the perfect size. Next, just take a pair of sharp scissors and cut the excess off. This way you will be able to use the pads that you already have instead of spending additional money on new ones.


You can use your bistro set indoors as well, in fact, a lot of cafés are using them this way and are loving the reactions from the customers. You will, however, have to be careful about 2 things. The first is that you protect the legs on the table and chairs with leg pads or leg covers to prevent any kind of damage to your floor. This goes especially for those of you that have parquet or laminate floor. It is always a good idea to have a spare set of leg pads at home because some can fall off through time. I have all the furniture in my house protected by the pads and so should you.

Thank you for reading this article and if you have any thoughts on this article or any other methods of protecting your floor indoors, please drop a comment down below. Have a nice day!


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